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the2vvo (the zwo)


the2vvo (pronounced “the zwo” = “two” in German) is artist duo based in Los Angeles, CA made up of Eldar Tagi (sound**) and Lena Pozdnyakova (architecture/sculpture*). The duo performs evocative and expressive audio-visual sets that range from minimal electro-acoustic ambient to raw techno and industrial noise. Besides live performances the2vvo record and release music and build spacial installations that are often interactive. Nomadic in nature, the duo traveled extensively, participating in festivals, such as Unsound (PL, KZ), CTM (DE), Bauhausfest (DE), Perpetual Dune (CA), Soundedro (CA), and building installations for spaces like the Kuona Trust gallery in Nairobi, Kenya and Studio 106, Los Angeles, CA.  Music of the 2vvo was released by self-started Aetherial Records and influential tape imprints Klammklang and Shalash. Additionally, there were several releases of live sets and podcasts by Silhouette Tapes, Frequency Asia, MixMag, and Radar Radio's "New East" show. Most recently, the2vvo's sound sculpture was featured as part of the ARCHIVE MACHINES juried group exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG).

Lena's and Eldar's publications and selected sound and artworks were previously featured in UCLA's academic journal "POOL.LA", in the academic publication at RICE University "Plat", in the academic journal at the Southern California Institute of Architecture "Offramp".

The upcoming publication in the "Attention" journal at Princeton University is scheduled for Dec 2020.

About participants:


Lena Pozdnyakova is an alumna of the Design Theory and Pedagogy program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles, currently is a researcher at xLAB think tank at UCLA (School of Arts and Architecture). She holds a Bachelor in Architecture Degree from Sheffield University and a Masters in Architecture from DIA University of Applied Sciences. Lena has previously worked in UrbanDATA Architectural and Urban Design Bureau (Shanghai) and in 3Gatti Architectural Office (Shanghai). Deciding to go further into multimedia installations, she became part of the2vvo practice, a project for interdisciplinary artistic research. 



Eldar Tagi is an independent composer of electronic music, sound artist, and improviser. Noise, chaos, and feedback are prominent elements in the Tagi’s compositional and installation works, often interweaving with soundscapes of natural environments. He is a part of the cross-media duo the2vvo, which often explores the complicated dynamics between the objects, spaces and sound through recordings, acoustic sculptures, and live audio-visual performances.

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