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Flock, Eldar Tagi with Patrick Shiroishi

Released with Fort Evil Fruit, Ireland

Flock is the first collaboration between Los Angeles-based musicians Patrick Shiroishi and Eldar Tagi (of multimedia duo the2vvo). Alto saxophone, chaotic electronics and some amplified household objects interweave and echo across a broad, deep soundscape, the mood ranging from confrontational and disorientating to soulful and lyrical. The combination of free improvisation and compositional collage facilitates a balance between unpredictability and narrative clarity.







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Scratching the (sur)face of the Anthropocene

19:43 min composition for UCLA's academic publication POOL.LA

Considering the embedded abstraction that the concept of the Anthropocene presents to us, both in scale and long-term effects, one may refer to Bataille's argument on the concept of the Formless as a durational process. In this case, he views the object as devoid of symbolic value, and rather places the Informe in the “mode of operation.” The proposed skin of the Anthropocene,  therefore, is “not a theme, neither a substance, nor a concept.” We perceive it as a mode of change. The skin becomes “scatalogical,” located on the slippage and devoid of form and content.  Within this reading, the conceptual framework disseminates and abstraction prevails once more. 









the2vvo's composition featured in ​"Your Hair Turned Silver, Yet There's A Long Way To Go" release.

KlammKlang's release takes the traditional form of sound collage assembled by Lisa Smirnova – a Moscow-based artist locally famous for mind-bending DJ sets, who finally breaks out of the comfort zone and makes her debut as a producer. The result is a hybrid album/mixtape blending together 28 tracks from the label's back catalogue – all sliced, cut into pieces and set back together to reflect Klammklang's current zeitgeist.

Featuring music by (in alphabetical order) Art Crime, Aseptic Stir, Auguste Vickunaite & Hugo Esquinca, Averrge, Bugaev, Foresteppe, Galina Ozeran, KP Transmission, Mårble, Margenrot, Nikita Bondarev, Nikita Oleinik, the2vvo, Vlad Dobrovolski & Zurkas Tepla.









11 Sculptural Abjects


Music for the "11 Sculptural Abjects" was recorded between Jan - Nov 2018, and eventually collaged into 11 sonic sketches that intentionally follow a certain loose narrative. It is an interplay of improvisation, chance, and distinct objectives.

The sculptures for the pieces were created out of the found objects and abjected body materials with a clear understanding of their soon adjournment past the point of documentation. Click on the individual tracks to see more.


















Published in Offramp, academic journal at Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Postlude is constructed primarily out of the recordings documenting the demolition of several architectural models and minimal electronic soundscape accompaniment. The models were provided by the 2019 graduate students from SCI-Arc. To orchestrate the destruction of mini-structures a modified metal bending machine was used.









exhibited as part of ArchCODE POP-UP


The album is a sound companion for the architectural exhibition of the same name. Archcode aims to create an archive of important structural sites of Almaty that have been lost or forgotten. The project's goal is to compile the architectural DNA of the city. As a work of music, it is an impressionist sound collage juxtaposed to the description of the city by the narrator from the archival Soviet era documentary.







Shalash/ ШАЛАШ. Compilation








Aetherial records






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