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The project is a digital and physical environment that depicts a series of challenging issues in contemporary society and in LA in particular as a playground of sonified hybrid objects. Hybrid objects, in this scenario, are context-specific pieces explored through the resonant feedback of its material(s) and parts. The project parallels and juxtaposes sonified ‘objects’ as descriptive tools with the digital visualization of associative yet abstract forms. The project brings in the tension between myth and reality of living conditions in Los Angeles that are also common for the other parts of the world world. These subjective and objective components are expressed in crafted and part-improvised artistry, recorded and composed bringing together physical and digital representation methods. PLAYGROUND OF SHARED ANXIETIES has a peculiar character that emphasizes subjective and speculative interpretation of architectural analysis, however it also objectively depicts the references of “bedlam”– social injustices, sparks of gentrification, and sites with overgrowing homelessness. To depict the DIY nature of the way that people cope with these anxieties, the project proposes for the PLAYGROUND to have handmade, impromptu landmarks – hybrids, made from context-specific and descriptive found objects and objects of mass production and consumption. These later become a virtual point cloud environment that communicates these common problems to a wider audience through the video format and through the composed out of recorded resonant sounds, a soundtrack.

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Virtual and Physical Playgrounds Imagine